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narnia meme: [1/7] scenes

,Eyes make their peace in difficulties..





people always say, “why do you look so serious all the time?” and I’d be like, ‘you obviously haven’t been around me long enough because I’m a loon.’ I dunno, I’m generally surprised they haven’t locked me up in padded room by now.

“It’s all right, Finnick. It’s just a jabberjay. They’re playing a trick on us,” I say. “It’s not real. It’s not your … Annie.”
“No, it’s not Annie. But the voice was hers. Jabberjays mimic what they hear. Where did they get those screams, Katniss?” he says. I can feel my own cheeks grow pale as I understand his meaning. “Oh, Finnick, you don’t think they …”
“Yes. I do. That’s exactly what I think,” he says.